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Education is the key to success .

Resnick Reading Center will help your child to achieve his or her greatest academic potential.

We devise an indivdualized program for every child. We offer test preparation and individual instruction for PSATs, SATs, ACTs, SAT IIs, and Regents review in all subject areas.

Our entire staff is devoted to helping your child become a happy, successful, and confident individual.

Your child can reach his goals and be successful in school and in life - enroll them at Resnick Reading Center today!

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Prepare your child for success

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Tutoring services include:

- Test preparation in all areas

- Test preparation for PSATs, SATs, ACTs, SAT IIs

- Tutoring and Regents Review in all subjects

- Reading comprehension

- Math skills

- Phonics and writing skills

- Study skills/speed reading


Resnick Reading Center also offers:

- Gifted and Remedial programs

- College counseling and application preparation

- Summer sessions

Have a child with a learning disability?

We can help:

Call us today - We can help your student overcome a learning disability and give him or her the opportunity to be the best they can be!

What do tutoring services include?

Education is the key to your child's success!

Education is the foundation for your child's future success. Tutoring will allow your child to be well prepared for his or her future endeavors. Call us today and see how successful your child can be.  

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